Brightmoor Hospice Volunteer Opportunities

Janie Clark

The Hospice Volunteer functions as a very important hospice team member who aids in the establishment of supporting a relationship with the patient and their family. The role of the Hospice Volunteer is designed to lessen fear and isolation, therefore enhancing our patient’s quality of life; they are an integral part of the hospice team! Many volunteers join our hospice team because they have personally experienced hospice services. They understand that their service makes a positive difference in the lives of our patients, families, our employees and our community. Brightmoor Hospice volunteers help to bring compassion, respect and dignity to the last days of a person’s life.

There are several different areas that volunteers are utilized in hospice, and we would like for you to choose the area that you would be most comfortable in.

“The last great thing that could happen in a person’s life is a hospice volunteer.”

Patient Care Volunteer – A patient care volunteer visits with patients wherever they reside, whether that is in a home setting, a nursing home or assisted living setting or in our state of the art inpatient unit. These volunteers:

  • Provide companionship, emotional support and encouragement to patients and their families
  • Provide respite care
  • Run errands for patients and families
  • Be an attentive and sympathetic listener
  • Play or sing music, write letters, read, perform household chores or lawn care

Administrative Volunteer– Administrative volunteers are utilized in the office to perform the following duties:

  • Answer or make telephone calls
  • File
  • Run errands for patients and families
  • Assisting administrative or non-medical office staff

Bereavement Volunteer – Our bereavement program is driven by volunteers who help by:

  • Making telephone calls
  • Making bereavement visits
  • Writing letters and/or cards

In-patient Unit Desk Volunteer

  • Answer phones in our in-patient unit
  • Assist or visit patients and family members
  • Serve as hospitality greeters
  • Assist in-patient staff including nurses and C.N.A.’s

Veteran to Veteran Volunteers – Brightmoor Hospice is a proud partner in National Hospice and Palliative Care’s We Honor Veterans program that specifically assigns veteran volunteers to veteran patients who request them. They also assist with:

  • Veteran Recognitions
  • Veteran Day programs or recognitions
  • Act as patient care volunteers for families who request a veteran volunteer

In addition, volunteers also assist with marketing activities and community service activities such as recruitment fairs, career fairs, Relay for Life, health fairs and other community events.

To find out more about hospice volunteering, please call our Volunteer Coordinator at 678/972-1651 or fill out the form below to apply for a volunteer position.