Palliative Care

Brightmoor Hospice offers a palliative care program. Palliative care is an approach that focuses on treating distressing symptoms to increase comfort and quality of life. Hospice care is palliative, but to receive hospice, patients have to have a six month or less prognosis and must no longer be seeking aggressive or curative care for their illness. Medicare and Medicaid completely cover hospice care.

Patients with life threatening illness who have a two year or less prognosis, can now receive palliative care while they are still receiving aggressive treatment for their conditions. The palliative care program provides nursing visits and case management. Social work and chaplain services are also available. The palliative care nurse helps to coordinate care with the patient’s PCP and specialists. Palliative care patients have access to their palliative care nurse 24/7, which can help them avoid being re-hospitalized or having to go to the ER. Palliative care is ideal for patients who need extra support while they are receiving treatment for a serious illness.